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News: Wavey Dynamics joins the Silverstone Technology Cluster.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Wavey Dynamics has joined the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) this August.

The STC operates within the High Performance Technology & Motorsport (HPTM) sector to connect, promote and support SMEs operating in the space. With focus on collaboration, the cluster has efforts aimed at demonstrating its expertise and capabilities for the benefit of global technology driven industries.

As a motorsport and automotive engineering consultancy, we hope this relationship will raise our presence within areas of core business and guide us as we explore unfamiliar markets as we expand outside of our core experience.

We have an aggressive three phase approach to our short and long term strategy which will be bolstered through connection to the expertise within the UK 'motorsport valley' facilitated by the STC, we hope to develop symbiotic and collaborative relationships for all involved.

Here's what we have planned over the next few years..

Phase One;

  • Grow Wavey Dynamics' presence in motorsport (supply chain & trackside) and high performance automotive engineering consultancy within the UK and Europe.

  • Establish ourselves as a respected and recognised brand within our space.

  • Develop & implements initiatives into Black representation in motorsport.

Phase Two;

  • Development of Internal advanced engineering projects focused on sustainability, visible routes to market.

  • Established motorsport management brand (supply chain & trackside support).

  • Strong network and link to High Performance Technology & Motorsport (HPTM) development cluster.

  • Gathering momentum with expertise/knowledge exports to global technology industries.

Phase Three;

  • Advanced Engineering & Innovation Centre - to compete with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Williams Advanced Engineering et al.

  • Big waves and inroads being made into Africa & other emerging markets.

  • Selection of internal projects patented, licenced and in market.

  • Wavey Dynamics Motorsport team.

Stay with us, it's gonna be a great journey,

Jahee Campbell-Brennan



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