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Engaging with the Engineering community.

At Wavey Dynamics we engage in a number of community activities not only to raise awareness of what we do, but also to inspire, educate and connect with the next generation of engineers, peers and fellow scientists.

The Wavey Dynamics Podcast: A place for engineers, enthusiasts and fans to lock in to conversations with motorsport’s finest engineers.


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We've been invited to give a number of seminars and speaking events.

These are great opportunities to pass on knowledge developed through our research and practical experience, as well as opportunity to connect with new generations of students, academia and the wider industry.


The importance of inspiring a diverse talent base in our future generation of engineers can't be neglected.


We make efforts to visit schools and exhibitions around London and the South East to demonstrate what engineers do, the possibilities ahead of them through careers in STEM and the power of motorsport.

BLAST Fest (Black Art, Science & Technology) @ Birmingham Science Museum.

As a guest writer, a number of technical articles written by our director have been featured in Racecar Engineering magazine.

Published features include:

  • Technical overview of modern motorsport suspension technology.

  • Racecar suspension set-up.

  • Rig based suspension development tools (K&C, 7-Post).

  • A series of articles exploring vehicle dynamics theory.

  • The evolution of chassis & powertrain sensor technology.

  • Thermal efficiency, combustion science & fuel injection strategy.

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To teach.. To inspire.. To entertain..

We have a social media platform dedicated to bring a new energy to technical and engineering content. Though Instagram and YouTube, you can expect content covering: 

  • Product development insight,

  • Technical breakdowns, 

  • Hands on/Race engineering, 

  • Product analysis,

  • Podcast style discussions, 

  • Explanation of technical concepts, 

  • The day-to-day of an engineering consultant


All social media is created and managed by Wavey Dynamics.

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