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Vehicle Dynamics Fundamentals

We have recently developed a course focused on the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics for high performance road and race cars!

Designed to provide our students with a strong framework of knowledge around fundamental concepts governing the performance of the cars we love and admire, we want to create a solid foundation for you to build and develop from and a quick reference guide in future work and studies.

Having access to a strong base of knowledge from which to build upon is invaluable in the development of any career or passion, so we developed this course to do exactly that.

If the course is successful in its goal to inspire, clarify and energise you for a career in vehicle dynamics, it will be a mission accomplished.

The course is designed to cover all major topics within the discipline of vehicle dynamics relevant to performance vehicles and race cars. It is an introduction to everything you'll need to know to 'hit the ground running'. Upon completion, students will have familiarity with the principals of:


  1. Tyre Science

  2. Weight Transfer & Wheel Loading

  3. Cornering

  4. Suspension & Kinematics

  5. Vertical Dynamics

  6. Aerodynamics

  7. Modelling & Simulation in Vehicle Dynamics

This vehicle dynamics course is best suited to those who have an existing base of scientific understanding to the world around us gained through formal education or personal passion and who want to learn more about the world of vehicle dynamics.

It will help you understand questions such as: How does a tyre generate grip? Why is weight transfer important? How do we calculate how a car corners? Why is downforce important? 


Those who:​​

  • Are current university or college students on an engineering course.

  • Have graduated with a Bachelors (or equivalent diploma etc) in an engineering discipline.

  • Have a strong background in Physics or other scientific discipline.

  • Are a racing team looking to increase depth of knowledge.

  • Have a professional engineering background or are currently working in an engineering role.

  • Have a technical mindset and love to learn!


Whatever your level of engineering experience, the delivery of this course will be tailored for you to get the best out of it. Your future as a vehicle dynamicist awaits.

The course is intended to be delivered via seminars, so that can be 1-to-1 via video call, or delivered to a group in person in a more formal seminar/lecture space.

It's approximately 8 hours of material and covers a lot, so its best delivered over 4 x 2 hour sessions, but we can fit this to your preferences.

At the end of the course, you'll receive a customised certificate of completion and a basic excel/MATLAB vehicle model to get you started on the practicalities of simulation with some tangible experience.

Below is a course preview.

And a video introduction to the course from Jahee, our Director and your tutor :-).

Also, check the 'Articles' section on the website for a little more insight into the scope of material we cover. There are also several technical articles based around vehicle dynamics for you to check out.


Get in touch and start the journey by writing to us via the button below.


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