Current and past internal projects.

In addition to our consulting activities, we believe it's important to develop our skills and expertise with internal projects.


Developing our ideas and inspirations, we have embarked upon several projects that we hope will both benefit the industry and advance engineering & technology. Sustainable manufacturing and environmentally conscious solutions are always at the forefront of our thinking, as is the science of biomimicry and we have plans to introduce some novel materials into the market in efforts to innovate in and support these efforts.

Being part of the solution rather than the problem is one of our main drivers.


A series of front and rear control arm concepts marketed towards racing teams and high-end consumer offering lower weight, improved performance and custom kinematics. - they will be offered in two materials; CNC milled Aluminium and an innovative composite technology with a lower price and environmental impact than current carbon fibre technology.


We are currently in the funding stages of a project involving the use of natural fibre composite in a structural automotive application. If you are interested in the benefits of such a material and wish to discuss a partnership, please contact us.


An aerodynamic front splitter initially for use with the RenaultSport Megane 3 platform. Offering CFD validated aerodynamic performance advantages over the OEM package, the design reduces positive lift and addresses the factory brake heat management issues experienced by track users via brake ducting.

This is a project undertaken in conjunction with AP Motorsport.


We have designed a single element rear wing for road car based clubsport competition. Extensive CFD was undertaken to verify and optimise the design, with focus on maximising -L/D. The outcome was a very efficient, proprietary wing platform that can easily be adapted for other applications. A brief write-up of the development process behind this wing can be found here.

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