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Wavey Dynamics Insights is a Series of videos produced to present complex engineering topics in a sharp, concise and impactful manner.

Our first season of insights was focused on Vehicle Dynamics, hosted by Wavey Dynamics' director, Jahee and featuring well known and accomplished expert vehicle dynamicist, Mike Law.

Join us as we explore key concepts of performance in race cars and present our approaches to their development.

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Welcome to the Wavey Dynamics Podcast.


This is a place for engineering professionals, enthusiasts and fans to lock in to conversations with motorsport’s finest engineers.


Through our work in motorsport engineering we often find ourselves having great, highly technical conversations with engineers working at the forefront of their fields in F1, GT, WEC and more - it occurred to us that you might live for these conversations as much as we do!


Expect priceless gems of knowledge, personal anecdotes & practical experiences from our guests’ areas of speciality.



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