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Gain the competitive edge.

Utilising the advantage that our combined aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics experience brings to motorsport, we consider race car development with a tyre centred recognition to the interactions of vehicle systems, enabling the two disciplines to complement each other and produce championship winners.

Operating at the cutting edge of technical understanding, motorsport is a platform that we value for the focus it demands. Providing the opportunity to display real, tangible results through its practical nature, it has a unique way of inspiring innovation and advancing technology in a way unlike other industries. 

Achievements are measured as either success or failure. There's no better tool to polish and demonstrate high level, applied engineering skill and we use our depth of understanding, enthusiasm and creative thinking to serve your championship goals. it's key to our mission as well as yours.


We will support you with:


  • Performance engineering.

  • Data analysis.

  • Race engineering and other trackside assistance.

  • Chassis & Aerodynamic setup.

  • Objective driver feedback.​


  • Test session planning and supervision.

  • Wind tunnel testing.

    • Scale model development​.​


  • Lap time simulation.

    • Using the latest, industry standard simulation software.

  • Vertical dynamics development.

    • Optimisation using 7-post rigs testing rigs, both physical and simulated.​

  • Component design.

    • Aerodynamic elements.

    • Chassis components.

  • ​Development of the aerodynamic platform using objective, data driven physical approaches and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations.​​


Our technical partnership with MegaRide enables us to utilise the power of the latest developments in tyre science, unlocking a new level of understanding in defining setups and feedback to maximise the performance of your tyres through:

  • High fidelity thermal and wear tyre models to narrow the gap between correlation of the physical and the digital, simulated world.

  • Real-time, trackside measurement of tyre viscoelastic properties and adhesive performance over a stint.

Learn more about this here.


Get in touch and we'll discuss how we can help you to the front of the grid.