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To teach.. To inspire.. To entertain..


WaveyPhysics is a YouTube series created and managed by Wavey Dynamics. Running on our YouTube channel, it is dedicated to bring a new energy to technical and engineering content.

It is further used as a marketing platform to communicate and express our capabilities and scope of work.

Primarily focused around automotive and motorsport technology as it has applications in such a wide range of other engineering disciplines, you can expect to see videos covering:

  •  Product development insight

  •  Technical breakdowns

  •  Hands on/Race engineering

  •  Product analysis

  •  Podcast style discussions

  •  Explanation of technical concepts

  •  The day-to-day of an engineering consultant


On our instagram we post stories and images on our latest work, day-to-day business and 'tech bites' of content in the form of slides and pictures which demonstrate and explain technical concepts in an easy, digestible manner. Here we also keep our community up to date with our latest YouTube posts and published articles.

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