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Vehicle Dynamics: Services
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Bringing motorsport technology to your driveway

Modern high performance cars are extremely competent in many ways - comfortable enough for cross country cruises whilst simultaneously being able to deliver staggering lap times on the track, but for the drivers who spend more time at the upper limit of performance, their inherent compromises deliver a less than optimal driving experience.


In the development process, engineers at OEMs must balance targets for practicality, budget and comfort against those of performance over a huge range of driving scenarios. Inevitably, ultimate performance is compromised to meet a multitude of conflicting targets at opposite ends of the dynamic spectrum and produce a rounded car, but what if those limitations were lifted? 


Recognising a niche of individuals who share our passion for excellence and want to be at the wheel of an absolutely undiluted driving experience, we present the Wavey Dynamics Concierge.

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The Wavey Dynamics Concierge is for high performance road and supercar owners who have a passion to create bespoke, 1-of-1 evolutions of their chosen machines.

It’s for drivers who want nothing less than the purest driving experience and who want to incorporate the latest of motorsport technology into their cars to step beyond the limitations of compromise. 


Perhaps the aim is to optimise the suspension response for a particular racetrack; the Nürburgring Nordschleife or Spa Francorchamps for example, or maybe improved aerodynamics and a little more downforce is the goal? The Concierge is for you.

With the experience gained developing hypercars for clients such as McLaren, combined with our motorsport experience, we’re able to extend our services to offer customised, performance oriented design solutions for your prized road cars.


We use motorsport inspired R&D techniques to turn excellence into mastery within the scope of the following sub-systems:

  • Wheels

  • Suspension

    • Springs & dampers

    • Geometry

    • Kinematics

  • Braking systems

  • Aerodynamics

    • ​Wings, splitters, flow devices, underbody aero

  • Powertrain tuning

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In motorsport, data is crucial — with the right eyes, objective, data driven insights provide clear understanding of the physics behind a car’s performance and a framework from which to implement measurable performance improvements.


The Wavey Dynamics Concierge employs the latest, motorsport standard tools and development methods to draw key performance understandings from data and develop bespoke solutions.

Tools including:


  • 4-post suspension shaker rigs

  • Wind tunnel and aerodynamic testing facilities

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software

  • Hub based chassis dyno

  • Vehicle dynamics simulation software


Tell us your objectives, we’ll identify key areas of improvement and you can leave the rest to us.


Once we hand back the keys, you’ll be the recipient of:

  • A finely honed machine incorporating the most current motorsport R&D techniques to achieve nothing less than the highest of performance.

  • A detailed engineering report outlining the improvements to your car via before and after data comparisons.

  • Support at trackday & other driving events to fine tune the setup and dial it into your driving style.

  • Personalised ‘behind the scenes’ video content of the development process.

  • The definition of a unique driving experience.

Our customer journey is designed to keep you front and centre throughout the process - the cars we drive are powerful representations of us, so the Concierge is focused on developing your car to your fit your style at the track, and on the streets.

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Wavey Dynamics Concierge - Bringing motorsport technology to your driveway...

Download the Wavey Dynamics Concierge brochure.

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