Reach your ambitions.

Working inextricably with vehicle dynamics in any performance application, aerodynamics can enhance, or detract from the effectiveness of a platforms capability. This relationship motivates us towards excellence in both specialities. Whether you're maximising downforce or optimising your EV efficiency, we're equipped get you there.

In projects involving fluid dynamics today, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an essential companion to develop and understand a particular flow case. Combining this with a thorough understanding of fluid flow characteristics provides the benefit of lowering costs, reduced development times and the ability to trial multiple iterations without physically building the model.


Throughout various projects, we have accumulated a wealth of empirical and theoretical understanding in the art form of aerodynamics. By combining our knowledge with the latest tools and techniques and a holistic approach, we are enabled to help you with automotive and motorsport applications including:


  • Track & Race Event Support

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    • Lift & drag optimisation

    • Aerodynamic efficiency optimisation

  • 3D scanning and model development

    • CAD generation​

    • Reverse engineering

  • Whole Vehicle Aero Platform Development

    • Overall lift/drag efficiency

    • Drag reduction​

    • Soiling performance

  • Wing Tunnel Support

    • Scale model testing

    • Aerodynamic Mapping

  • Regulation Efficiency

    • Extracting maximum performance from your regulatory restrictions

  • Aerodynamic Component Development

    • Wings

    • Splitters

    • Diffusers

    • Underfloor development

    • Dive planes and other flow control devices

  • Aerodynamic Modelling

    • Including surfacing

  • Flow Visualisation


Always striving for new experience, we also value opportunities to transfer our knowledge to benefit other industries.