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Innovation is realised by constantly reaching forward.


Wavey Dynamics mission is to work with organisations to achieve the absolute maximum of performance from a platform. Whether that be for a high performance road application or a motorsport team on a mission to win a hard fought championship.

Automotive engineering and motorsport are powerful platforms for developing and applying scientific principles relevant to technology driven global industries. With continued advancement in vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics techniques, having a comprehensive understanding of fundamental principles has never been more important in order to meet ever advancing performance benchmarks.

The benefit of inspired thought, experience and passion in your corner is instrumental. Using a tyre centric approach to aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, we help to drive a blend between a deep understanding of technology and clear performance outcomes.

Wavey Dynamics has recently undertaken projects including:


  • CFD Optimisation of a rear wing profile resulting in +20% CL whilst maintaining CD.

  • Vehicle dynamics development of Cup level race car resulting in ~4s lap time improvement at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

  • Design of an aerodynamic splitter with integrated brake cooling ducts. Conjugate heat transfer analysis indicated a circa 30% reduction in peak brake temperatures.

  • Experience in the influence of wheel geometry and transient load transfer in tyre management for qualifying and race events in GT3 race cars.

  • Wind tunnel scale model testing.

  • Considerations into tyre hysteresis relating to 7-post rig testing.

Whether in motorsport or road car technology, our clients are under pressure to continually innovate and require specialist knowledge to operate at the intensity demanded by their competition.

Insight provided by instrumentation, data analysis techniques and simulation tools complements the implementation of advanced principles. Yet without an in depth understanding on the physics behind what is happening, it’s easy to get lost when things don’t perform as expected. 


With competence in specialist vehicle performance constantly evolving. Are you confident that your understanding is progressing at the same rate? 

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