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We are specialists in vehicle dynamics. Our depth of knowledge and understanding, combined with an innovative approach produces tangible performance outcomes in a wide range of applications from ride comfort and NVH for the road, to ultimate performance on the track.

At its heart, vehicle dynamics is simply the interaction and manipulation of forces and moments. We have developed a number of tools to gently, or not so gently ensure they’re generated how and where you want them. 

By implementing our novel tyre centric approach, combined with an understanding to the importance of subjective, human considerations to augment data driven engineering, we demonstrate our success in tailoring this methodology to suit the individual project requirements and can offer you the following:


  • General Chassis Setup Optimisation

  • Data Analysis

    • Instrumentation advisory

  • Race Engineering

  • Performance Engineering

  • Kinematics & Compliance (K&C) Analysis

    • K&C characteristic mapping 

    • K&C development

    • Static geometry optimisation

  • CoM & Polar Moment of Inertia Testing

  • Vertical Dynamics Optimisation

    • 7-Post rig testing

    • Damper tuning

    • Spring rate specification

  • Component Design

    • Control arms

    • Uprights

    • Anti-roll bars

    • Mode decoupling systems

  • Component Specification

  • Vehicle Testing and Test Support

    • Lab based

    • Track based

  • Subjective Ride Evaluation

  • Subjective Performance Evaluation

  • Reverse Engineering

We look forward to discussing your requirements and developing a solution.

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