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Want to learn engineering? Look no further

After intense years of research and learning in our specialities, connecting & engaging with our online community along the way and hearing your feedback, we're now offering tuition and education packages.

Whether you need 1-to-1 teaching or you're a corporate group looking to move your understanding forward. This is for you.

Initially, we're offering our experience the following subject areas:

  • Vehicle Dynamics principles

  • Aerodynamics principles.

  • Engineering Design practices

Our teaching material is aimed at the following audience:

  • Corporate clients; automotive & motorsport

  • Industry professionals looking to further their understanding

  • Students studying engineering and needing some help applying theory to practice i.e. FSAE teams.

  • Educational Institutions who seek to deliver material on a specific course subject 

  • Race teams looking to expand their expertise in a specific area.

  • Enthusiasts working on projects of passion looking to level up their vehicle's performance

MIA School of Race Engineering

We're not always fans of convention - the best experience is tailored to each requirement, so here's are the formats in which we provide the services:

  1.    Bring your problems or pain points and we'll work to get you to a solution together.

  2.    Pick a specific area of interest and we'll prepare and deliver a brief course tailored to you and your learning style.

Either way, you'll come away from our time with actionable knowledge and course materials to help you along the way in your future projects.

We have recently prepared courses on the following subject areas:

​ An 'A-Z' of the fundamental principles of vehicle dynamics. This course runs approximately 8 hours and comprehensively covers everything you might need to know to get started as a vehicle dynamicist.​

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To read more about it and book your place, click here.

It's important for us to keep up to date with the latest technologies and developments in our fields of expertise, which also places us in a great position to contribute what we've been learning to academia and the wider industry.

​In recent times, we've given seminars at the MIA School of Race Engineering and to the University of Sussex on 'Suspension Design' and 'Advancements in Motorsport Tyre Science'.


For more information on past seminars click here.


If you have a subject area within our expertise which you or your group would like us to come and speak on, we're here.

Check our 'Articles' section for a little more insight into the scope of material we offer.


Reach out and let's see what we can get arranged.

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