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Podcast 001 | Winning Le Mans with Race Engineer Kyle Wilson-Clarke

Podcast 001 | Winning Le Mans with Race Engineer Kyle Wilson-Clarke

In our first episode we have Kyle Wilson-Clarke with us. He is a Le Mans winning Race Engineer who worked with Audi and Porsche on their LMP1 programs between 2013 and 2017 and now works for Porsche Formula E. We covered his early life & journey into motorsport before getting into some great technical conversations of his experience of engineering in the Le Mans 24h race and working with the race winning Audi R18 e-tron and Porsche 919 platforms. This was a really enjoyable and inspiring conversation with one of our sports most accomplished trackside engineers, so we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did. More podcasts are on the way, so stay close! Be Inspired --- #LeMans #Motorsport #Engineering --- Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 06:02 - Early Life 11:42 - Motorsport as a career 28:47 - Trackside Engineering: Roles & responsibilities 32:57 - The Audi LMP1 journey 37:26 - The science of tyres 44:43 - Le Mans tyre development @ Audi Sport 01:01:25 - Engineering at the Le Mans 24h (Teamwork & Organisation) 01:10:23 - Longevity of human performance 01:24:46 - Developing a winning team 01:28:34 - Working with hybrid powertrains in motorsport 01:32:40 - [Technical issues: minus one camera :-(] 01:39:40 - Race engineering the Porsche 919 01:44:11 - The 919 Evo 01:47:10 - Engineering in Formula E 01:50:14 - Career highlights & life outside of motorsport 01:56:23 - Community Q&A 02:01:28 - Lessons and advice --- Follow: - Porsche Formula E team on socials @ PorscheFormulaE (Twitter), porsche.formulae (Instagram) - Wavey Dynamics on socials @ Wavey Dynamics --- Check out our Vehicle Dynamics Fundamentals course: --- This podcast is also available on: Spotify: Apple:
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