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Wavey Dynamics Concierge: Bringing Motorsport Technology To Your Driveway

We’re kicking off 2022 with a big announcement!

Introducing the Wavey Dynamics Concierge

Modern high performance cars are extremely competent in many ways, but in the development process, ultimate performance is inevitably compromised to meet a multitude of targets at conflicting ends of the dynamic spectrum and produce a rounded car, but what if those shackles were lifted?

Recognising a niche of individuals who share our passion for excellence and want to be at the wheel of an absolutely undiluted driving experience, we start 2022 with the launch of the Wavey Dynamics Concierge.

The Wavey Dynamics Concierge is for high performance road and supercar owners who have a passion to create bespoke, 1-of-1 evolutions of their chosen machines.

With our motorsport experience and an objective data driven approach, we’re extending our services to offer customised, performance oriented design solutions to road cars — using motorsport R&D techniques to turn excellence into mastery.

Perhaps the aim is to optimise a suspension setup for a particular racetrack; the Nürburgring Nordschleife or Spa Francorchamps for example, or maybe improved aerodynamics and a little more downforce is the goal? The Concierge is for you.

Wavey Dynamics Director, Jahee commented.

“The Wavey Dynamics Concierge is a logical extension to our current services to the motorsport world.
With the advanced R&D equipment currently out there for competitive development and the level of precision & attention to detail we’re used to working at, we can accomplish some really special things with high performance road cars and i’m certainly looking forward to working on some amazing customer projects in the coming months.”

To read more on the service and what we're offering, follow this link or get in touch via our contact page.

Wavey Dynamics Concierge. Bringing motorsport technology to your driveway.

Be inspired.


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