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Wavey Dynamics and MegaRide partner up to break barriers around F1 technology.

Wavey Dynamics, the UK based specialist vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics consultancy focused primarily on automotive and motorsport performance development, is excited to announce an exclusive new partnership with MegaRide, the technology company based in Italy specialised in developing advanced tyre models for motorsport and automotive applications.

In recent years MegaRide has been undertaking intense research to advance the fidelity of tyre models, the key results of which have driven evolutions of the traditional Magic Formula (Pacejka) tyre models to include real-time prediction of thermal effects, wear effects and chemical degradation for their effect on grip levels over a tyre’s life.

Together with an updated approach to tyre ride modelling, these advancements close the gap between the simulated world and the measured world, adding another dimension of understanding into design options and setup strategies over a stint.

MegaRide’s existing clients are already enjoying success including winning championships and developing their platforms utilising MegaRide’s brilliant technology, The Wavey Dynamics partnership will allow them expand into the UK and wider, global markets.

The MegaRide technology is a seamless fit to enhance Wavey Dynamics’ specialist offering of motorsport engineering services and with this technology incorporated into their vehicle dynamics solutions, their clients will be able to access this innovative tyre modelling technology, complementing their activities within vehicle dynamics, simulation, trackside support work and strengthening their depth of technological capacity.

Wavey Dynamics’ founder and director, Jahee Campbell-Brennan said:

Ive always been passionate about the power of partnering with specialist companies to achieve new and exciting results and make big industry changes. Working with MegaRide is a huge step towards that. This partnership is something I know will benefit both of our missions and I am looking forward to empowering Wavey Dynamics' clients to succeed in their projects with the benefit of our expertise and MegaRide’s technology.”

Flavio Farroni, CEO of MegaRide added:

“Probably together with Italy, UK is the place where car races and motorsport technology live and grow, with the greatest passion and speed. The synergy with Wavey Dynamics represents a strategic target, aimed to extend MegaRide technical range and business capabilities, focusing on a deep presence in the British automotive environment, taking advantage of the experience and of the technical expertise of our new partner.”

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