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Racecar Engineering Magazine Articles & Blogs

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Aside from the recently finalised series of articles on vehicle dynamics fundamentals we wrote for Racecar Engineering Magazine's website, we regularly write features and other non-technical content for their website, so keep up to date with those community posts here:


A semi-technical write up of our experience at the E1 Series RaceBird launch event held at Monaco Yacht Club in September this year. We were there as part of our campaign to launch our race team (MFT) in the series when it launches.

This one covers some of Jahee's thoughts on the challenges faced by the engineering team in order to get a race ready boat in 2023 and his experience at the Yacht Club that evening.

A short 'thought piece' on what happens next as the dust settles and the media move on to other stories after the release of the Hamilton Commission report on diversity in UK motorsport.

Our Director, Jahee gives some of his ideas on what should be happening now and how the industry can get behind projects such as ours (Article: Reminagining Motorsport) which directly act to address many of the outputs of the report.

This page will be updated as more articles are published so please check back regularly!


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