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Race for Diversity

As part of a collaboration between Motorsport UK and Mission44 for the Race for Diversity program, Wavey Dynamics was asked to produce an activation to inspire children from ages 11 to 14 from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds to choose careers in STEM through the platform of motorsport.

Our team developed a remote control car (RC) based activity to simulate a race weekend, exposing children to the engineering concepts used by race engineers to work with the car and driver to maximise performance over a race - developing and changing the setup of the car to produce certain dynamic behaviours.

This was a great success and we related many of their observations to concepts they were learning in their science and maths classes. Demonstrating that motorsport is a powerful platform to learn scientific concepts relevant to global tech.


If you would like to learn more please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Below is a snippet of a video we produced demonstrating the project. For the full article and video aired during the Belgian GP on Sky Sports F1, please click here.

Brighton & Hove Motor Show
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