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Wavey Dynamics x McLaren Auto

A very late news announcement for our website, but to close the year, it's better late than never..!

In July 2022 we started a consulting contract with McLaren Automotive which has had us deployed in an engineering design capacity on some exciting, but confidential road car projects.

Consultancy is what we're here for so it's been great to be working within the McLaren ecosystem alongside some very talented and dedicated teams to break boundaries and develop technologies which the industry hasn't seen before.

Our director, Jahee had the following thoughts on the road to this point and some thoughts for the future.

“Making big ambitions a reality involves steep learning curves, hard lessons, a lot of determination and an appreciation that there will be difficult times on the way. The road Wavey Dynamics has been travelling as I work to build the company was, and continues to be the most challenging road I’ve travelled. There have been lonely days and dark nights, but today, I’m proud to announce a new contract with McLaren Automotive and a strong sense of progress! I hope this is the start of a long and mutually beneficial partnership and I continue to be excited for opportunities to incorporate some of our creativity into McLaren’s future cars, which are known for innovation and unique approaches. We still have a long way to go before the full vision of Wavey Dynamics is here, but this is a huge step in the right direction.”

In the last few months since we've been consulting McLaren, it's been a very positive experience of development, meeting new and old faces in the industry and learning new technologies and approaches to development.

Developing skills and experience s a lifetime pursuit and there is no better to learn from than those operating at the cutting edge of any industry, so we are excited to continue this into 2023 and beyond, where we only build on what we can offer McLaren and our other current and future clients.

What we are doing here also segues nicely into our Concierge service, which alongside the our time within motorsport, exists to allow us to feed this knowledge and expertise into fine tuning your high performance road cars.

We end 2022 feeling grateful.

As for the Boulevard.. Well, that's a pretty special place isn't it.

And for our work with @mftracing and other projects.. that’s business as usual and we will be on track working towards Le Mans again very soon..! Go follow them to stay up to date..!


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