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News: Black Representation in Motorsport

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

With the current global atmosphere around race, there are a lot of social issues being brought to the surface. Over the last few weeks i have had conversations with friends around it; discussing their experiences at work, my experiences at work, what we think can be done to address race inequality and how we can focus our efforts to make a change.

These conversations left me reflecting on my profession and made me contemplate the quite plain lack of racial diversity.

With our sports largest ambassador himself commenting on the issues and barriers he sees, Lewis Hamilton has injected a little energy into the discussions around race in motorsport which has lead to some of the biggest organisations and teams acknowledging the problem and indicating they would like to make changes.

With the platform i have on Racecar Engineering Magazine, i saw an opportunity to voice some of my own experiences and views on the issue in a column i wrote for the September 2020 issue.

I'm quite passionate about this as i feel both side lose out with the current format - young Black engineers lose out on the opportunity to contribute and learn from such a high technology engineering discipline and the sport itself loses out but by not representing and engaging with a whole demographic of its audience, missing out on all the benefits that alternative approaches a diverse workforce offers.

I'm working with the FIA and others to make inroads to the issue, so expect more updates to come!

An image of the column is below, read at your pleasure.


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