We bridge the gap between a deep understanding of technology and clear performance outcomes.


Utilising the advantage that our combined aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics experience brings to motorsport, we consider race car development with recognition to the interactions of vehicle systems and how they must complement each other. With this, we bridge the gap between a deep understanding of technology and clear performance outcomes to produce championship winners. 


Working inextricably with vehicle dynamics in any performance application, aerodynamics can enhance, or detract from the effectiveness of a platforms capability. This relationship motivates us towards excellence in both specialities. Whether you're maximising downforce or optimising your EV efficiency, we'll get you there.


We are specialists in vehicle dynamics, where a depth of knowledge and methodical approach produces tangible performance outcomes. With a clear mission to work with the best, constant research and development in this discipline enables us to shine in a wide range of applications; from ride comfort and NVH for the road to closing down on your competitors at the track.


Understanding the benefit of providing a full service to our clients, the expertise to deliver our solutions from initial calculation through to prototype production and final design sign off is essential. Experienced in materials from titanium to carbon fibre, we expect of ourselves, and deliver the highest standards.

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