WaveyPhysics: current episodes.


Ep. 000 - The Gymnastic Engineer
Giving you a glimpse of what we're trying to do with this platform and what you can expect to see from it in the future.

Ep. 002 - Vehicle Dynamics and the McLaren 570s

This one is an introduction into 6 fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics involved with maximising lateral force generation, after this we go for a drive and i give you some subjective driving dynamics assessments of a supercar, the McLaren 570s.

Ep. 003 - Why Don't We See Electric Jet Planes Yet!?

We have electric cars, bikes and even trucks.. Why have we not seen airliners replace the gas turbines for electric motors yet?!

Ep. 001 - What Does It Take To Build a Race Car: The BMW "M235i Racing"

We were with the "BMW M235i R" owned by AP Motorsport for this episode - Here's a brief insight into what it takes to build a race car and where racing teams focus the majority of their attention when making upgrades.

Ep. 004 - Aerodynamics & Design | Part 1

Some insight into the product development process of designing an aerodynamic splitter we current have ongoing.

Ep. 005 - Innovation: The Future of Materials and Design @ Central Saint Martins

We made a visit to Central Saint Martins at University of the Arts in London to view their Design show which featured projects on exhibition from the graduating students.

Ep. 006 - Formula Student: An Aerodynamic & Technical Analysis

We made a visit to Formula Student Competition at Silverstone in July to have a look at some of the technology the teams bought. Great event for students to get involved in during their masters year of university and learn the ropes of motorsport.

Ep. 007 - Electric & Hybrid Cars: Ask an Expert?

We met with Head of Marketing Bud Johnston at Rivervale Car & Leasing to answer some of the questions their customers had regarding electric & hybrid vehicles.

Ep. 008 - Forces & Moments

This episode we're talking about forces & moments and the importance of the Centre of Gravity (CoG) in a range of everyday scenarios. Without understanding of the CoG and how we must optimise our designs to accommodate for it, our world would look very different.

Ep. 010 - Introduction to CFD

A brief introduction into CFD and how to execute the basics of a simulation. It won't make you an expert but my aim was to at least give you enough of an understanding to get started yourself and understand the general process and methodology.

Ep. 009 - How Do You Design a Rear Wing? | Motorsport Aerodynamics Part 2

In addition to the write-up of a recent project also featured on our website, this video explores the design of a rear wing for a GT style application, starting with a DoE (Design of Experiments) to find an optimum profile, we explore the effect of end plates, Gurney flaps and mounting configurations and their effect on lift and efficiency.     

Ep. 011 - Damper Woes, F-V Curves & Oil Changes

Communicating my subjective evaluation of the Bilstein damper setup on my Audi RS4 and an exploration of the basics of low and high speed damping theory with the help of a Force-Velocity curve. This is an introduction to motorsport damping.