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News: Continuing the Charge for Diversity at the Autosport International Exhibition

As a Black engineering consultant, championing and pushing for increased representation within the motorsport industry is always going to be important to me, so it's great to be asked to speak on it on big platforms such as the Autosport International (ASI) show.

Of course we can't attend in person right now, so they're running a virtual exhibition this year through the Autosport International Connect event.

Here's my opening words.

“Motorsport engineering is still very much a space for the archetypal engineer who is from a white, male and middle-class European background.
Sheltering itself from the wealth of colourful experience, creative inputs and approaches to problem solving offered by Black men and women is a shame for both the sport and for the talented young people out there!
Switching the narrative is not going to be a quick process, but it starts with dismantling the barriers to entry through engagement, representation and making motorsport a more inviting space.”

I’ll share panel with Lindsay Orridge and Ariana Bravo from Driven by Diversity (@wearedrivenbydiversity) - who among other things have created a great podcast interviewing people from minority backgrounds within the industry, Catherine Bond-Muir who is CEO of the W Series and Richard Morris, co-founder of Racing Pride.

An article on the panel can be found on ASI’s website here.

Wavey Dynamics also have a ‘stand’ as an exhibitor this year which is a first for us, so look out for us and connect!

See you there.


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